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10 Years in the Making

About 10 years ago, I sat down at my computer to write the ultimate diet book. The Palm Beach Diet is that book. Before I placed my fingertips on the keyboard, I put my hands together and said the following prayer: “Dear God, may this book be your book. May the words it contains be your words and only your words.” My friend, that prayer has made all the difference in the world.

What I discovered in those 10 years are revealed in my book and will change your life—I promise! What I discovered in those 10 years also changed my life and corrected any erroneous notions I had about eating properly and living to my fullest potential.

40 Years of Research

Over 40 years of research went into the creation of The Palm Beach Diet, and that is no stretch of the imagination. I began experimenting with my diet in 1960 at the age of seven. I was a competitive swimmer and diver and many of the members of the team (including myself) would try eating different foods before practice and before swim meets to see what food or foods would enhance our performance. But it wasn’t until 1978, following a serious bout with anxiety, panic attacks, and chronic fatigue that I became inspired me to dive head first into nutritional research and detoxification programs. From 1978 forward, I was a human guinea pig 24/7. I have discovered a massive amount of nutritional knowledge over the past 40-plus years, but knowledge is not really the game changer.

Wisdom is the key to success in life and nutritional wisdom is my teaching platform. Anyone can gain knowledge by reading books and studying health and nutrition. But the knowledge you gain from reading books only fills your head with a bunch of words. Knowledge does not automatically translate to the truth. You have no real understanding of health or nutrition until you determine what works and what does not work by experimenting on yourself. The proof is always in the pudding. Over four decades of trial and error has produced the wisdom I now need to teach the truth. Sadly, most of what you read in other books, articles, and on the internet is loaded with half-truths and lies. Very few diet authorities truly understand human nutrition—and even fewer actually practice what they preach.

In the pages of The Palm Beach Diet you will find dietary truth derived from wisdom that can turn your life around in as little as seven days. Not only can you attain and maintain your ideal weight, you also can attain and maintain peace of mind, true happiness, and an appreciation of life that may have always eluded you. Unless you are truly happy and at peace, it is impossible to ever reach your ideal weight and attain the level of health you desire and deserve.

The Fun Way To Lose Weight

The theme of The Palm Beach Diet is to have FUN, FUN, FUN. No diet is like The Palm Beach Diet. It is FUN to read, FUN to talk about, and FUN to follow. If you attend one of my Palm Beach Diet Seminars, you will also have FUN! The foods you eat on the diet are FUN foods. It is even FUN to shop for the foods you need for the diet plan. Adults love the plan. Kids, too. And so do seniors! Why? Because the diet plan connects you with the foods you are designed to eat. Most diets try to connect you with a philosophy, such as low-carb or Paleo. Those diets fall short because they go against your intuitions and instincts. On The Palm Beach Diet you will be eating exactly as we humans are designed to eat. Nothing is forced. You eat at the natural times you are designed to eat. You eat the natural foods you are designed to eat.

We humans are divinely designed to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. That is the focus of The Palm Beach Diet. We have also evolved to eat a few other natural foods besides fruits and veggies. The diet is NOT vegan. I suggest you go vegetarian, but it is not mandated. Just suggested. If you choose to eat meat or fish, then that is okay—as long as you eat the suggested amounts of fruits and vegetables each day. It is not about living a dietary philosophy. We have way too many of those types of diets. The Palm Beach Diet is about living the truth. And the truth shall set you free!

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