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The Palm Beach Diet

Discover more of my diet and healthy living secrets each month that can keep you motivated and turn your life around fast. Each month I offer new information that can help you lose weight and keep it off– while maintaining optimum health.   

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The Palm Beach Diet
Audio Recording

Set your mind in weight-loss mode! My powerful audio recording will help you do a “Mind Restart” by talking directly to your subconscious mind. And it’s so easy! Just que up the recording, put on your earbuds, lay back, and enjoy!

$20 to non-members. FREE TO MEMBERS. 

The Palm Beach Diet
Video Recording

This video is where you get started on your new life. I explain each part of my plan and help you easily understand how you got toxic, how it is ruining your life, and how my Detox Your Life program can help turn your life into a dream come true. 

$20 to non-members. FREE TO MEMBERS. 

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As a Palm Beach Diet Club member, you automatically receive 20% off Jay Robb products purchased direct from JAYROBB.com. The savings you receive on your first one or two orders could easily pay for your club membership!

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