"One taste and you'll be a fan for life!"

Have you ever had a protein shake that tasted unbelievably good? I mean, not just good for a protein shake, but better than an ice cream shake? If your answer is "no," I'm guessing you haven't tried a Jay Robb Protein Shake.

For over 30 years my protein has helped millions of people receive the protein they need in a form their body can digest. Jay Robb Protein was not only developed with the highest standards, I also focused on the taste. I wanted to give everyone a chance to taste and experience a Jay Robb Shake so I've created the "One Taste" program.

Simply choose what flavor you'd like to try, apply the coupon code "OneTaste" and receive your free protein shake. No strings. No obligations. Just a free shake on the house. Try it. I know with one taste you'll be a fan for life!

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"One taste and you'll be a fan for life!"

Quality Ingredients, Amazing Taste

About the Bad Boy

Since 1980, through my books, seminars, fitness clubs, and website I have changed millions of lives. I am called “The Bad Boy of Nutrition” because I am a die-hard hippie, spiritual teacher, and health rebel who hangs loose, is not politically correct, has no trouble speaking up, thinks outside the box, and marches to the beat of my own drum. My current focus is on teaching my LIFE RESET program to millions who are stuck in a rut. The first step to your new life is to do a MIND RESET because what you think is what you get in life, which explains why some folks succeed while others fail and why some folk are happy and others are not.