“I don’t believe in diseases. Pains, ailments, and diseases are just symptoms of toxic acid overload from not eating a fruit-based diet.”  — Jay Robb, “The Diet Guru®


Right now, I want you to imagine this is your first introduction to nutrition. In other words, I am asking you to forget everything you have been taught about food and human nutrition. From this moment forward I want you to be open to common sense and your own instincts, instead of book knowledge, theories, and dietary concepts that currently permeate our society.

I am the first to admit that ANY diet that restricts calories can cause you to lose weight. It is always calories in and calories out. Yet, the diet authorities and best-selling authors want you to believe that their diet is special and can perform miracles. Wrong. For losing weight, you simply eat less food than your body needs. But, and this is a big fat but, losing weight should never be your main goal when following any diet. While any diet that restricts calories can help you lose weight, only certain foods can make you truly healthy. Optimal health and wellbeing should be your primary focus when dieting, not weight loss. Returning to your ideal weight is merely the natural outcome of eating the foods you, and all other humans, are designed to eat.

So what foods are humans designed to eat? After 40 years of research and personal trial and error, I have concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt, that fresh, raw FRUIT is the primary food for humans (If you want to know 21 reasons why fruit is perfect for human beings, get a copy of my book, FIT ON FRUIT, available at and Why raw? Because every creature on the face of this earth eats their food RAW, unheated and uncooked. Lions don’t marinate and barbecue gazelles before they eat them. Bears don’t grill salmon. Rabbits don’t steam their greens. Hawks don’t deep fry mice and rodents. Every creature finds the appropriate food for them, then eats. They don’t practice portion control either. They just eat.

In the case of humans, fruit fills the bill perfectly for us. We can eat fruit as is, raw and uncooked or altered. What other foods can we also eat raw and unheated? Vegetables are good raw, but do not provide enough usable calories to sustain us. We also can eat nuts and seeds raw, but they are tough to get at because of their shells, so they are not our primary food. Only fruit can EASILY give us what we need in the amounts we need. So should we be fruitarians, eating only fruit? Of course not! Eating a huge quantity of fruit each day is filling and satisfying, but near the end of the day at dinner, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, raw veggies, avocados, and dried fruits may be needed in small amounts for overall good health. Making fruits and veggies 80-90% of your diet, and then adding in a few nuts and a few starches (if desired) along with simple protein shakes, can provide a way of eating that makes common sense and appeals to your instincts.

Most diet plans on the market do not appeal to your instincts or intuitions. Nor do those diets make any common sense. Running numbers on the nutritional value of foods is not the right approach to eating properly. Listening to your body and eating a fruit-based diet (not just a plant-based diet) is the best option and is the key to good human nutrition. It is also the first step towards detoxing your body for a lifetime.

Are you drawn to killing a cow and eating it? Do you crave catching a chicken and biting its head off, then tearing into it with your teeth? Do you desire to catch fish and eat them whole and raw like bears do? The answer to all of the above is a resounding, NO! Why not? In the Paleo world, about half of the diet is meat, poultry, or fish. Yes, some of those foods (I don’t call them human foods, though) can be eaten raw, but there is no human who is instinctually drawn to killing an animal or creature and devouring it on the spot—like all other carnivorous creatures do.

Low-carb diets are not based on your instincts. Paleo diets, high-carb diets, low-fat diets, and macrobiotic diets are not instinct driven, either. Our instincts drive us to eat sweet foods, period. Let me explain.

Americans consume about 142 pounds of sugar per year. Obviously we have a massive sweet tooth. We have that sweet tooth for good reason. We are designed to eat massive amounts of fresh fruit. We love sweets! We crave sweets! As a nation we have turned to sweet junk foods, instead of fruit. But your body is not fooled! Only fruit can make you truly healthy, fit, and lean! Junk food can only make you sick, fat, and tired.

“Americans are severely deficient in fresh fruit.” —Jay Robb, “The Diet Guru®”

In the past I, too, have been hoodwinked into believing science (and everything I read), while ignoring my instincts and commons sense. Eating animals is truly foreign to our instincts. In the past, I have touted meat-based diets. I have also touted plant-based diets and raw-food diets. With 40 years of diet research under my belt, I now realize that a meat-based diet is not the answer, nor is a plant-based diet, nor is a starch-based diet, nor is a fat-based diet. Only a fruit-based diet can fulfill our needs as human. Only a fruit-based diet allows the body to heal itself fully. Only a fruit-based diet can easily fulfill our daily potassium and vitamin C needs.

Eating a diet that is primarily fresh fruit, is the ideal way to eat and totally appeals to your instincts. Making fruit your primary food can add years to your life and life to your years.

My blog, books, newsletter, social media, and website are my platforms for inviting every American to join me in eating a fruit-based diet. It’s time to get back to basics and to what I feel is the true human diet. By nature, we are gatherers, not hunters. Yes, carbs are back in the saddle again! We may have gotten off track somewhere along the way and tried to survive on animal flesh, cooked foods, grains, processed foods, fat, and junk foods that we really are not designed to eat. It is time to listen to your own body and return to instinctive eating. As The Diet Guru®, I am here to point the way. Your experience, with my suggestions, will make my case convincing and common sense can once again dominate your life. Give in to your sweet tooth and let fruit cleanse and heal your body. It is nature’s way.


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