Easy-To-Follow Online Program

My 21-Day Life Reset Required 10 years to create.  The program includes:

  • My Complete 21-Day Plan
  • Mind Reset Audio Recording
  • 21 Reset Videos (one for each day)
  • Complete Nutrition Guide
  • Exercise Videos
  • Easy and Delicious Recipes
    and More

Using the principles of my easy-to-follow  21-DAY LIFE RESET PROGRAM, I got out of a run, turned my life around, regained my health, lowered my body fat and become a millionaire in three years—and YOU can too!

You will discover how to put the peace and love back in your life, reach your ideal weight, improve your health, up your wealth, and hang loose in an uptight world.

About Jay Robb

The Guru Of Peace

Jay Robb, aka The G.O.P. (Guru of Peace) is a singer/songwriter, peace advocate, bestselling author, spiritual guru, die-hard hippie, seminar host, former fitness club owner, former natural bodybuilder, clinical nutritionist, protein powder magnate, longevity specialist.

From 1980 to 2018 Jay Robb changed millions of lives with Jay Robb Protein nutritional products, fitness clubs, weekly TV segments, radio show, bestselling diet books, website and sold-out seminars.  After living in the San Diego area for most of his life, in 2018, Jay Robb reset his life by moving his business and his family to North Palm Beach, Florida for a new chapter and a new adventure.