“What is lacking in most diet plans is common sense.” —Jay Robb, “The Diet Guru®”

I will never forget my first day at school. I came home and my mother asked me, “What did you learn today?” I replied, “Obviously not enough because they want me to come back tomorrow.”

Schools in America are very unique places where you can become an expert in every imaginable field, but you are rarely taught how to tap into your own internal wisdom called your instincts. In fact, most book learning suppresses your instincts. The more you think you know, the less you actually understand. We dissect everything, give each part a special name, and think we know it all. We don’t. In fact, we know very little. We have gained knowledge, but have lost that feeling of being connected to everything. Think about this. Millions of students graduate from high school and college every year, but most of those students have very little understanding of life.

Americans have become so disconnected from Mother Earth that we no longer recognize real food. We have lost common sense when it comes to eating. Americans are now like a herd of sheep. We follow trends, eat what is advertised on TV, stare at social media on our phones, wear clothes that make us part of the “In Crowd,” and do very little navigating through life from our own internal compass. In short, we have lost our way and most of us are petrified of straying from the herd. Sad. So, so sad.

Like my daddy always told me, “You can graduate from school but you never stop learning.” There is a lot of wisdom in my father’s advice to me. Learning is a moment-to-moment experience. Understanding comes and understanding goes. We need not hang onto any of it. What I know now can change in the next instance. What is important is to be aware. By “aware” I mean to be consciously awake so you can see what is right in front of you. Most of us are not awake. The mind is often in control, and you end up daydreaming your life away.

Unconscious living has gotten America into a serious health crisis. We may be worried about ISIS attacking us, but you have a bigger terrorist in your own body. That terrorist is your decaying health and wellbeing, brought on by not eating a fruit-based diet—with the end result being mass sickness and premature death. But we seem to be unconscious to this self-inflicted holocaust.

The first step in turning this around is to wake up. The easiest way to wakeup is to be quiet. Find a quiet place to be alone every day for at least 20 minutes and be still. If you go for a walk, just be walking. Don’t be talking or listening to music. Be still. Or, just find a quiet place to sit and be quiet. Close your eyes and let your thoughts settle. This simple little practice daily is a life changer. By being quiet every day, you will gradually have a calm mind that is no longer filled with chatter that blocks you from seeing what is right in front of you. With a quiet mind, you will easily know what to do in life. With stilled thoughts, you will know what foods are right for your body.

With a quiet mind, I have realized that FRUIT is the primary food for humans. I am also drawn to some vegetables, but fruit is the basic food my body needs. How do I know this? My instincts say so. I don’t need anyone else to validate this wisdom. I don’t have to read any books on the subject. I don’t have to look it up on the internet. I don’t need a college professor to confirm what I know. I don’t need to ask 10 friends if this is correct. And I don’t need permission to adopt this understanding. When you know, you know.

By listening to your instincts and going where they take you, life becomes easy and breezy. Your struggles will instantly end. And by eating the foods your body is truly designed to eat, healing can take place, and you can live a long pain-free life—one moment at a time. While my message today is for everyone, perhaps only a few are ready to wake up and smell reality. Are you ready?

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