“I don’t believe in diseases. Pains, ailments, and diseases are just symptoms of toxic acid overload from not eating a fruit-based diet.” — Jay Robb, “The Diet Guru®”

Jack LaLanne once said, “I can’t die. It would ruin my image.” While Jack LaLanne was not technically a bodybuilder, he was the epitome of the potential we humans have when we have good genetics and follow a lifestyle that includes a good diet and daily exercise.

Bodybuilding is a unique sport that is really a form of art that involves the sculpting of the human body through diet and exercise. In reality, EVERY person who works out is a bodybuilder because we all want a better body—and this includes you ladies.

Bodybuilding is unique to me because it is all about gaining (or keeping) muscle while lowering your body fat to very low levels that reveal a lean, fit body. I am in the gym multiple times every week. Lifting weights has been a part of my life since I received my first weight set in 1966 at the age of 13. Over the past 5 decades I have noticed that there are a lot of dudes and dudettes in the gym who work out consistently, but never change the shape of their body. Some of the guys do get bigger, but they also get fatter. Some of the ladies get fitter, but they also get fatter. Only a small percentage of gym goers are lean to the point their muscles are clearly defined. This is a dieting error, not a training error. Getting in shape is 80% diet and 20% exercise. If everyone working out was eating properly, they would all become lean and fit instead of fit and smooth—or worse, fit and fat.

Bodybuilding and protein are synonymous, but there is a protein myth that has been alive for the past 60-plus years in the fitness and bodybuilding communities. The myth is that we humans need to consume tons of protein to gain muscle, lose body fat, and get fit. This is just not true. Yes, we need protein, but protein is not our primary food nor is it a viable source of energy for humans. The primary food for humans and bodybuilders is carbohydrate—but not just any carbohydrate. More precisely, the primary food for humans and bodybuilders is fresh FRUIT. That may shock you, but hear me out.

A bodybuilder who is very lean is usually following a very low-fat diet that is high in protein and moderate in carbohydrate, usually from brown rice. To get in contest shape, carb-cycling is often employed to drive body fat levels exceptionally low. But is this the ideal. Protein is needed for muscle growth and repair, but only 10-15% of one’s caloric intake needs to be from protein. Only about 10% of calories need to be from fat, which is what many diet authorities are saying and is what most top bodybuilders consume. This leaves 75-80% of your caloric needs coming from carbohydrate. If you consume starches, like brown rice, you will get a hefty insulin response. If you consume fresh fruit instead of starches, you get a very low insulin response, plus insulin is not required to transport fructose into the cell. Fructose enters the cell by diffusion.

I could go on all day about the way your body handles foods and nutrients, but there is no need to. I teach common sense nutrition, not biology or physiology. I make things simple to understand, not complex and technical. If I eat a banana, I really don’t need to know everything that goes on inside my body as it metabolizes that banana. What I do need to know is how I look and feel after eating that banana. And this is where bodybuilding meets up with fresh fruit. The proof is always in the pudding, as the old saying goes. Try what I suggest and see for yourself the results.

As humans, it must first be established that we are fruit eaters, not starch, plant, or meat eaters. Common sense tells us so, as does our instincts. We are naturally drawn to fruit, whether we want to admit it or not. The marketing of sugary soft drinks, sweets, junk food, candy, desserts, and ice cream has made fruit almost obsolete in the American diet. The average adult in America consumes less than one serving of fresh fruit each day, yet we intake a whopping 142 pounds of sugar per person, annually. If we made fruit our primary source of sugar intake, we could all be healthy, happy, and lean.

In the bodybuilding and fitness world, I am offering a challenge. Change your diet so it is a fruit-based diet and watch what happens. Bodybuilders commonly suffer with gas, usually foul-smelling gas. This can be caused by excessive protein intake, overeating, and incompatible food combinations. When protein intake is lowered (by avoiding beef, poultry, seafood, and fish), and fruit intake is increased, magic happens to the human body. The fruit, which is very alkaline, buffers the acids of training and allows you to recover faster. The fructose in fruit also energizes the cells of your body like never before, allowing for extra hard workouts. The alkalinity of fresh fruit also lowers the inflammation inside your body and joint aches and other body pains may fade away quickly.

Very few of us have ever experienced a diet that is extremely high in fresh fruit. I challenge you today to give fruit a chance and see for yourself how quickly your body responds to this perfect human food.

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