“What is lacking in most diet plans is common sense.”  — Jay Robb, “The Diet Guru®”


I live in the La Costa area of south Carlsbad, California. Last week our local police station was broken into and the toilet was stolen from the restroom. Yesterday, the Carlsbad police reported that the robbery is being investigated but they still have nothing to go on.

I thought that particular joke was very appropriate for my subject today! It is always good to have something to go on, especially when you are starting one of my fruit-based diets or detox programs!

And speaking of detoxing, my blog today will discuss internal toxicity and how you can know if you are toxic. Few people realize that inside your body is a toxic wasteland. As every one of your 40 trillion cells metabolizes energy, it gives off toxic waste products. In common sense terms, this means your cells poop after consuming energy, just like you poop after internally processing the food you consume. So where does all this poop go?

Your body, like most cities and towns in America, has a sewer system to take away toxic waste. The sewer system in your body is called your lymphatic system and it is in charge of neutralizing and whisking away acidic waste from your body. In very simple but not comprehensive terms, the fluid in your lymph contains the acid waste from cells and the fluid in your blood is rich in alkaline nutrients designed to fuel your cells. Think of this like your car. Your blood contains the gasoline for your cells and your lymph is the exhaust system that removes the waste after the gasoline is burned.

Your lymph system contains 2-3 times the amount of fluid as your bloodstream.  Common sense tells me that your blood and lymph are very important systems but your body produces so many toxins that it requires 2-3 times more lymph fluid than blood to get rid of the waste.

As you can see, your lymph is always busy making sure acid waste is transported out of your body, primarily for elimination via the kidneys and skin. But what happens if this toxic waste can’t be processed out of the body quick enough. What if you are not drinking enough fluids or you are exercising too little (or too much), your diet is too high in meat, you eat too much junk food, you don’t sweat daily, or you are not eating enough fruits and veggies? Those acidic toxins will stay inside your body and cause pain and inflammation. This pain manifests because acid burns or inflames your joints and the tissues of your body. Inflammation in America has become chronic.

Internal analgesics (pain killers such as aspirin and ibuprofen) sales in 2016 were over $4 BILLION dollars, up over $300 million from 2013. External analgesics (such as arthritis and back pain creams) sales in 2016 were nearly three-quarter of a billion dollars, up about $150 million from 2013. It is apparent Americans are in pain. Where is all this pain coming from? Acids produce pain inside your body because acids burn. When acids can’t get out of your exhaust pipe (lymph) fast enough, they burn (inflame) your body inside and out.





You take pain killers several times a week, or more.


You pee infrequently and your urine is dark and has a strong odor.


Your breath has an odor, especially when you first wake up in the morning.


Your underarms have an odor and you need to wear deodorant to cover up the smell.


You get frequent headaches, migraines, or sinus headaches.


You have body aches and pains.


Your joints ache or hurt.


Your ankles, feet, or hands are swollen chronically or periodically.


Your lower back is stiff and hurts when you bend over.


You have acne, rashes, and/or skin problems.

How can you fix an overly acidic body? It is simple. EAT MORE FRUIT! Yes, eating a fruit-based diet is the answer to acidosis and also the best way to eat for overall health and longevity. Fruits are the most cleansing of all the foods, are the most natural foods for humans, are loaded with potassium, are rich in water, are high in vitamin C, and contain exactly the right amount of fiber your body needs. In my opinion, Americans are deficient in only one key nutrient. That nutrient is called FRUIT. Eat gobs of fresh fruit every day and it will change your life!

To summarize my message in very common sense terms, unless you are eating copious amounts of fruit every day—while avoiding meat, poultry, fish, and seafood—your body will be like a toilet that won’t flush.

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