I have spent most of my life as a human guinea pig. I am a walking diet experiment. Since I was 8 years of age, my life has been focused on discovering the perfect way for humans to eat and live that creates true health and happiness. On this journey, I discovered that most Americans are in pain, overweight, or ill because of the way they eat, think, and live. To rectify this, I spent the past 40 years of my life writing diet books, conducting seminars, hosting TV and radio shows, teaching Sport Nutrition, writing feature columns for national magazines, advocating prayer, teaching meditation and more. Below is a small taste of who I am and what I have to offer that can turn your life into a dream come true.
• I made my first homemade protein shake and received my first barbell set at age 13 in 1966.
• I was a competitive swimmer and diver from ages 7-15.
• I performed my first 7-day fruit-and-vegetable detox in 1978. That detox changed my life! 
• I have owned and operated two successful fitness clubs. I opened my first club (Jay’s Gym) in 1980.
• I am a clinical nutritionist with nearly four decades as a professional in my field.
• I was a personal trainer for over 10 years.
• I taught Sports Nutrition for 10 years at The Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, California.
• I have competed in and sponsored some of the nation’s first drug-tested bodybuilding contests.
• I have personally worked with thousands of members and clients and trained and advised countless bodybuilders for competitions.
 • I am the best-selling author of nearly a dozen health and fitness books.
• From 1999-2003, I appeared on TV weekly as The Fat Burning Chef, on KUSI Channel 9 in San Diego.
• For 20 years, I was a feature columnist for Natural Bodybuilding Magazine. 
• I have hosted my own health-talk radio show (The Fat Burning Chef Show).
 • I have conducted over 500 weight-loss seminars across America. • I am the founder and CEO of Jay Robb Enterprises, Inc.
• I am the award-winning creator of Jay Robb Protein, which is the #1 premium brand of protein in America.
• I also walk my talk and have done my best to keep my abs sharp and my body fat at 10%, or less, for the past four decades. 

I have been blessed with an absolutely gorgeous wife, Beth, who is the love of my life, along with our four beautiful children, and two grandchildren. I live with my family in the Palm Beach, Florida area and enjoy meditating, praying, spending time at the beach, surfing, working out, writing, sunbathing, being quiet, playing Frisbee, and spending time with my friends and family.
As for my success, I give all the glory to God.