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—Jay Robb, “The Bad Boy of Nutrition”do for a living. To this I reply, “I am a teacher. I
teach people how to STAY YOUNG AND HAVE FUN.” I love my job.


A few weekends ago, my wife Beth and I went for a morning walk near the beach. Notice I said “near the beach,” because we were not allowed to walk on the actual beach. Instead of walking on the beach, we could walk 20 yards away from the beach on the sidewalk. I know. That rule makes no common sense at all, but there we were, 10:00 in morning, walking on the sidewalk with a plethora of other walkers and joggers and runners…oh my!

When I go walking, I wear neon orange trunks and no shirt. That is often the way I dress all weekend, too—and even sometimes at work! I also have my long hair, sideburns, goatee, and teal headband. In other words, I look like a Zebra at a horse show, which often turns a few heads my way. But that day was different. Way different.

As my wife and I walked along, totally groovin’ on the sunshine, fresh air, and ocean breeze, we noticed people we passed by going the opposite direction looked scared, kind of like a deer in the headlights of a fast-approaching Mack Truck. There was fear in their eyes as person after person went by looking straight ahead, afraid to look my way, afraid to say “hi”, afraid to say “good morning”, afraid to breathe air that was near anyone else. As for my wife and me, we were having the time of our lives on our walk saying “hi” with me also flashing my classic hang loose sign to everyone within my sight. But there weren’t many takers. Very few were smiling. Some looked like they felt hopeless. Some depressed. Some actually looked scared.

I have often heard when you put animals in cages it radically changes the way they behave. And that is where we are now. Except we are in the middle of a government-mandated lockdown, isolated from everyone except a few people we are close to. The media is no help. All they seem to paint is a very dark picture. Doom and gloom is their prediction. Fear drives up ratings. Ratings drive up advertising revenue. Advertising revenue pays the bills and makes the station very wealthy. Making money hand over fist makes the TV stations continue on with their narrative of doom and gloom. It’s funny what money and fame does to people.

Everywhere I go and everyone I converse with via email or my phone tells me their stress level is high. Even if they don’t admit it, I can see it in their face, hear it in their voice, and can smell it in the words they write.

I fully admit we are in the middle of a very challenging time in the history of our nation. For the first time in my life, I am witnessing a major clampdown on our freedoms. We no longer can go to the beach. We no longer can go to a park. We no longer can have people over for a social gathering or party. I am happy to be vigilante and thoughtful of others who may be immune-compromised or already in ill health. But I am not a fan of confining healthy folks to isolation (especially in more rural and suburban communities), which I feel is taking a mental and physical toll that is as devastating as a contagious virus can be. Couple that with mandating that restaurants, bars, non-essential businesses, coffee shops, small stores, surf shops, nail salons, beauty parlors, and gyms shut their doors, driving zillions of folks to be out of work.

In the midst of all the viral fear that is being spread, we are also dealing with government decisions that are taking down the economy, an economy that was booming prior to this mandated lockdown. Millions are now wondering how they will pay their rent, their mortgage, keep the lights on in their home, and feed their families. In short, at this exact moment in time, Americans are at a crossroads. Kind of like that old Clash song, “Should I stay or should I go?” Only in this case the question is “Should I stay home or should I go out.”

To beat stress before it beats you there must be a very clear understanding of the true nature and origin of stress.

When you think of the word stress, what do you think of? My online dictionary defines stress as:

1) a pressure or tension exerted on a material object

2) a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances

By the way, stress in your life is normal and natural. Without any stress, you would lay around like a slug, which would eventually be stressful, too! The stress I am talking about in this article is excessive and chronic stress. To sidestep excessive or chronic stress, it is critical that you understand stress completely. In the two definitions above, one type of stress is physical and the other is mental. Right now, with people isolated, out of work, and struggling to shop for food and toilet paper, most of the stress we are dealing with is MENTAL stress.

Let’s take the second definition apart for clarity. I am doing this because during most of my professional career, customers, seminar attendees, fans, and clients often blame stress for most of their problems. Why not blame everything on stress? Everyone else is telling you stress is the problem. I am here to tell you that stress usually IS the problem. But there is a catch to that statement. Stress may be the #1 problem you are facing right now, but stress is not something that was thrust upon you. Instead, most of the stress you are feeling right now is self-created and self-inflicted. In other words, life is life and how you mentally process what life throws at you either gives you sour lemons or sweet lemonade.

One day at my home here in North Palm Beach, I looked out the window and it was raining. I was thrilled to see it raining. I love rain. It makes the air smell clean and fresh. It keeps the grass green. It keeps the flowers blooming and it keeps my coconut palms producing plump coconuts. While I was looking out the window with a smile on my face, one of my daughters was looking out the window with a sad face. She was having friends over in a few hours and they had planned on a day of swimming and catching a few rays. Now they would be stuck inside which sounded like no fun. It was raining that morning. That is a fact. But how you looked at the rain affected how you thought, felt, and behaved. One thought process produced a smile, the other thought process produced a frown. In reality, the rain was neutral. In reality, it was just water drops falling from a cloud up above. It was neither bad nor good. How the experience was perceived made all the difference in the world. And this simple story totally applies to the any challenges you are facing in life, including the recent viral outbreak.

To beat stress for a lifetime, and be bulletproof to anything life shoots at our, you must understand that stress is mostly a mentally manifested affliction. You and only you can turn what life offers into something 1) harsh and horrendous, or 2) something beautiful and beneficial, or 3) something neutral. And how you react to life can make you feel uptight like your neck is in a noose, or it can make you feel relaxed, happy, and hangin’ loose. And the choice is yours, but only if you know the 5 secrets to beating stress.

Below are 5 Ways to Beat Stress Before It Beats You:



Because your own mind, your own thoughts, and your own beliefs are pretty much behind most of the stress in your life, you must spend most of your waking hours in reality. By reality, I mean you need to be conscious, aware, and fully engaged in the present moment. What you think is not real, and it never has been. You can try your best to recall events in your life that happened yesterday, but if you try to tell someone about those events it never is the real event. It is only a memory, a reverberation, a slightly inaccurate memory of what happened in your life the previous day. If you watch a sunset, it is in real-time. If you try to tell someone about that sunset, it is not real-time. It is a memory, not the real deal.

When you watch the news, always know, it is not real. It is a recount of something that has already happened. Even live interviews are often about a person recalling a traumatic experience. It is not a real experience. Sometimes opinions are tossed into the mix to give the story a slant or a spin. Opinions further distance you from the real event because now you have someone else’s viewpoint into this memory blend that is skewing reality. Watching the news is not good or bad. Just know that what you are seeing, watching, and hearing is not exactly how it is or how it really happened. In fact, nothing is good or bad. Your own mind makes it seem good or bad. Again. Life is life. How you process daily experiences makes it SEEM good or bad. But that is all in your mind.

When you hear someone telling a story, know that it is not real. It, too, is just a recount of how that person recalled something. The same applies when you read a newspaper, read a book, read a magazine, watch a movie, watch a documentary, surf the internet, or wade through social media. It is not real-time and never will be. The real-time is in front of you. The real-time is the flower that is blooming. The real-time is that bird that is singing. The real-time is your heart beating or that tiny guiding voice inside of you that you hardly ever hear because you are not really listening.

Something magical happens when you “are here now” and know that everything you are seeing and hearing in that moment is real, and that everything else is just a memory or a dream. When you know and understand my simple principle of “Just the facts Ma’am,” you will instantly know that the stories you are hearing on the news, in magazines, on the internet, and on social media are not real and are just someone’s perception. Their opinion or recount of life is not good or bad. Instead, it is just not real and you should treat it that way and perhaps even question it.

Stop believing everything you see and hear that is coming from someone else’s mouth, text, social media post, or TV show, and you will quickly realize life is way different in real-time. Move away from anyone spewing doom and gloom. Move toward those who are happy, peaceful, loving, kind, and caring. Wallow in the present moment and don’t let your mind trick you into believing anything outside of the peace that exudes from being here now.

When the BS is halted because you are no longer buying what the fear mongers are selling you, peace will show its beautiful face and you will see for the first time in your life that life is just life. What you make of it is your business. What others make of it is NOT your business.


Physical stress to your body basics comes in two ways. The first physical stressor is when you are physically active and your body temporarily becomes more acidic from the exertion on your muscles, which produces acids as a byproduct. The second physical stressor is from your diet. Yes, eating an abundance of junk food can be stressful to your body, but so can eating a diet that is too LOW in alkaline minerals.

My message here is basic chemistry. Your body is always seeking homeostasis, which means balance. A major part of homeostasis involves the acid-alkaline balance. In general, acids burn, destroy, and cause pain, while alkaline calms, cools, and soothes. Certain parts of your body, such as your stomach and large intestine, are more acidic by nature. Most of the rest of your body, including your blood, lymph fluids, interstitial fluids, and saliva are alkaline.

On the pH (potential hydrogen) scale, 1 is the most acidic and 14 is the most alkaline. Your blood is about 7.4 pH and almost never varies from this or death can occur. Your lymph and interstitial fluids and not so tightly regulated and must rely on your diet to provide enough alkaline minerals to help keep those fluids alkaline. The four key alkaline minerals are potassium, sodium calcium, and magnesium. These minerals are found primarily in fruits and vegetables. The acid minerals, primarily phosphorus, are the most concentrated in meat, fish, eggs, and cheese. These protein foods are also lower in the alkaline minerals, which is why your diet should be fruit and vegetable-based (NOT just plant-based).

The most calming foods you can consume are fruits and vegetables. If you are feeling stressed out, anxious, tired, stiff, sore, stuffy, puffy, or are in pain, your body may be low in alkaline minerals, or better put, low in fruits and vegetables. You may also be eating too much meat, fish, cheese, and eggs. The key here is to balance your food intake so that fruits and veggies dominate your plate.

Grains are starchy carbs. Most grains are acidic. On the other hand, potatoes and sweet potatoes are also starchy carbs but both are very alkaline, and are especially high in potassium, a key electrolyte mineral. Because of their alkalinity, choosing to eat more potatoes and sweet potatoes instead of pasta, oatmeal, bread, and rice is a smart move for beating stress.

Back in 1978, I was heavily into bodybuilding, training two hours a day six days a week with heavyweights. I was also eating a high-protein high-fat lower-carb bodybuilding diet that was popular back in the ‘60s and ‘70s. I had been training this way for years and it started to take its toll on me. One day I went to the gym and suddenly felt so tired I could not work out and had to go home. I mean I suddenly was out of gas. This feeling of fatigue turned to exhaustion and did not go away. I was so tired I could barely make it through the day. My lower back was so stiff I couldn’t touch my toes, my joints ached, and my neck was in chronic pain.

Even though I was only 24 at the time, I felt like an old man. I went to see my doctor, who was also a nutritionist, and he did a series of tests on me and concluded that I was experiencing systemic acidosis from overtraining in the gym and eating too much meat and eggs and not enough fruits and vegetables. To rectify my condition, he did not take out his prescription pad. Instead, he prescribed a 7-day detox where I only at fruits and vegetables. Long story short, I started that detox exhausted and in pain and within three days my pain and problems began to turn around. By the end of day seven, I was a new man. Energized, happy, pain-free, and peaceful. It was a miracle! I have never forgotten the healing powers of that detox and the importance of eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables EVERY DAY.

To beat stress, you need to eat a stress bustin’ diet. No, you don’t have to do a 7-day fruit and veggie detox like I did but you do need to make about 70% of your diet fruits and vegetables. By consuming an abundance of fruits and vegetables, you will feel more relaxed, peaceful, and calm. You also may see pain, inflammation, skin rashes, headaches, stiff joints, a stiff neck, and a stiff lower back disappear—and never come back.

Below is a simple way to eat that can help you beat stress. My suggestions are high in fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind, weight loss and weight gain are both determined by the number of calories you consume. To lose weight, stop eating before you are full at every meal. To maintain weight, eat until you are full at every meal. To gain weight, eat a little more after you are full at every meal.


Protein Shake:

1½ cups water, almond or coconut milk beverage, or coconut water

1 scoop protein powder (I prefer Jay Robb Protein for obvious reasons, lol)

1 cup fresh or frozen fruit (or 1 banana)

6 nuts (I prefer almonds, walnuts or macadamias)

2 cups spinach

1 cup ice

Mix in a blender on high until creamy smooth, then enjoy!

  1. Add more or less liquid if you wish for a thinner or thicker consistency.



A large raw vegetable salad with 1 tablespoon dressing

1 cup of beans (pinto, kidney, adzuki, garbanzo, etc.)

1 cup of any fresh fruit



2-3 ounces of chicken, fish, beef, or turkey or 1 cup beans or tofu

Baked potato or sweet potato

A few avocado slices

1 cup of any fresh fruit



No snacking is allowed.



Salt your food to taste.



For more info on your diet and beating stress, take a look at my 21-Day Life Reset program at



In 1976, I read a book entitled, Your Erroneous Zones, by Dr. Wayne Dyer. That book changed my life forever because Dr. Dyer told me that I was responsible for everything that I feel, think, and experience in life and that I could not blame anyone else. I no longer could say, “She makes me mad.” Instead, I make myself mad. I could not say, “She makes me happy.” Instead, I make myself happy. I could not blame anyone else for my lack of money, lack of success, lack of happiness, or lack of material possession. I owned it all and my own mind was creating my circumstances in life, not someone else.

That realization was a total arrow through the head of this 23-year-old kid. It was the wakeup call I needed to start down a new path in my life, a path that allowed me to create my own destiny, my own prosperity, and my own life based on my own dreams—not what someone else believed about me and would try to convince me that I had to settle for. That book and the principles it taught was my get-out-of-jail FREE card. That new understanding set me free from being a puppet to anyone else. And that same understanding can set you free, too.

Stop blaming and complaining. Instead, create your own life by living the life of your dreams now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not after you retire. NOW.

I once knew a man who was a pharmacist. He owned his own drugstore that included a diner and soda fountain. He worked hard all his life. He invested his money in apartment units and real estate. He worked long hours and prospered for his efforts. At one time I lived in one of the apartment duplexes he owned and helped maintain his properties for him. One day he told me he was going to retire. He had worked hard all his life and saved his money. He was now ready to relax for the first time in his life. He had sacrificed his whole life and now he was ready to go play for a while. He told me he had booked a two-week cruise to Hawaii. I could see the excitement dancing in his eyes as he told me about his upcoming trip.

The day came for my friend to leave on his long-awaited cruise and I told him to go have the time of his life. “You deserve it,” I said to him with a smile on my face. The second day of the cruise my friend suffered a massive heart attack and died. I was in shock and deeply saddened. From this experience, I learned to live the life of my dreams now. Don’t wait. You never know when your number is up. Don’t live recklessly, but live each day as if it is your last.

At the onset of radically changing your life and going after your dreams, it may seem stressful to buck the system, tell people to talk to your hand, and give the finger to anyone in the establishment that wants to hold you back. Over time, this shift in attitude will lift guilt and mental stress off your shoulders and make you hop out of bed every morning, ready to live another day of your dream!


You have already discovered in my article that “what you think is what you get.” It is that simple. Yes, most stress in your life is created in your own mind. An undisciplined mind is the culprit for depression, anxiety, and mental stress. And most of it is all imagined. Depression is often triggered by the memory and regret of something that happened in the past that you can’t let go of. Your mind keeps replaying this memory to the point you become chronically sad.

Anxiety can be triggered by the fear of the future (and compounded by SIBO and systemic acidosis). In your mind you see problems just around the corner and fear is manifested by your imagination. This can make your heart race and your blood pressure go up. It may alter your breathing patterns, making you breathe more frequently thus triggering a panic attack when your brain becomes starved for oxygen and can no longer think clearly (which happens when you hyperventilate). Anxiety and depression both are key components of stress, and both are stimulated by your own imagination. But what would happen if your mind was not imagining anything. What would happen if you were not daydreaming about your past or your future? What if you were here right now, fully conscious, fully aware, peacefully lost in the present moment?

Meditation is a very misunderstood term, even though most people think they know what it means. When I use the term meditation, I am defining a state of being where your mind is not viewing memories or imagining the future. Your mind is not needed in meditation. Your mind is allowed to calm down when you sit quietly and relax your thinking. When thoughts end meditation begins. When meditation ends, thoughts begin. To be here now and live peacefully in the present moment, free of any excessive stress, meditation is required.

Meditation is not about sitting quietly in a special way, such as on the floor with your legs crossed. Meditation just means your mind is calm, and not moving, like a calm pool of water. You sit somewhere quiet to accomplish a still mind, but that is just the technique you are using to let the dust settle in your own mind. Settling your own thoughts is kind of like settling those little white flakes in a snow globe that float around when you shake up the globe. But when you place the snow globe on a table, within a minute or so, all those white flakes settle down to leave a clear picture. Imagine, all those white flakes floating around are your thoughts. And just like that snow globe, your mental stress vanishes when all your thoughts settle down so you have a clear view of life.


Just like meditation, the word love is often misunderstood, probably because not many people have ever experienced true love, expressed true love, or been in true love. In mainstream America, love is defined three ways:

  • an intense feeling of deep affection
  • a great interest and pleasure in something
  • a deep romantic and sexual attachment to someone

But none of the above really describe what love is. All three are tapdancing around love’s true meaning which is:

  • a natural, selfless expression toward anyone or anything with no thought of the action itself or intent of receiving anything in return

Pseudo love is expressed routinely in America. A dude may think, “If I give my wife or girlfriend flowers and take her to dinner as an expression of love, she will show me her love (usually anticipated as having sex) in return for my gifts.” For you ladies, you may be thinking, “If I give my husband or boyfriend sexual pleasure, he will take care of me, protect me, and provide for me (and my kids if children are in the picture)”. Those are both examples of conditional love, not unconditional love. Unconditional love looks totally different.

When I speak of unconditional love, I am suggesting you be loving. Not a lover. Not giving love. Not receiving love. Instead, just be loving. Forget about you because “you” are the roadblock that separates you from pure love. Think about this for a moment. Trying to be kind, be giving, or be attentive are often selfish attempts at pleasing someone else so they will want to please you in return. Love is a pure expression with no shadow, no trace elements, no residue. It is a complete burning of yourself in the process of being loving. There is no give and take. There is no agenda. There is no expectation. There is just giving selflessly.

The more love you express, the less you think about yourself. When you can forget about your “self” you are free of the stress that comes along with being associated or attached to your physical body. When you are associated or attached to your physical body, you have problems trying to keep up your image. Love moves you away from YOU and toward others. Selfish becomes selfless. That feeling of always wanting more is replaced by the feeling of having more than you need. And when you have an abundance of love (or anything else), you can give it away freely. If you don’t feel loved, you have no means of sharing what you don’t feel you have. Be loving to feel loved. Not because you seek anything in return, but because love must be expressed, or it can never return on its own. In life, you get in return what you give out, as long as it is a pure expression. To sidestep stress, be loving.


For more life-changing information visit and check out my 21-Day Life Reset, read MY TRANSFORMATION STORY, and check out my protein. And, of course, continue reading my blogs and watching my educational videos.

Peace, love, and hang loose my friend!

The Bad Boy



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    Wondering if he above diet would be enough calories for me?
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    I like what you are recommending-

    1. Jay Robb

      Hey Jan! Calories can easily be adjusted on any diet by simply eating more food or less food to fit your caloric needs daily. If the suggestion I made in that blog post is not quite enough, you will know it because you will lose weight below your ideal weight. IF that happens, just up the calories or add protein such as beef, turkey, or chicken for lunch too and increase your portions at dinner. The key is to lean heavily into fruits and vegetables, including starchy veggies such as potatoes and sweet potatoes. The shake can remain the same. Check out my new 21-Day Life Reset program which is set to launch in the first week of August 2020. Peace, love, and hang loose my friend! –Jay Robb

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