You've Got To Read My Story!

My Life-Reset journey began way back in 1975 when I made a choice to end the party life. In place of my drinking, smoking, and wild one-night stands, the “Bad Boy” dove headfirst into bodybuilding. I was all in, training two hours a day, six days a week. Within six months, my beer gut morphed into a six pack, my sunken chest was resurrected, and my skinny arms turned into big guns. I ate no junk food or fast food whatsoever. I drank very little alcohol, avoided soft drinks, sidestepped sugar, and “ate like Ahhhnold,” meaning whatever Arnold Schwarzenegger ate, I ate.

The next step in my Life Reset was in 1976 when I read Dr. Wayne Dyers book, Your Erroneous Zones. Dr. Dyer clearly pointed out in his book that I was not a victim, no one made me happy or sad or rich or poor. If I was happy or sad, rich or poor, it was my own choice. There was no one else to blame but myself. Beliefs such as, “He hurt my feelings,” or “I am angry because of what you said,” no longer held water because it was “erroneous” to blame anyone else for your own life, your moods, success, happiness, sadness, or anger. I owned it all and no finger pointing was allowed. This really blew my mind—and changed my life. Dr. Dyer’s book must have helped change a lot of other people’s lives, too, because his book went onto to become a mega bestseller with over 35-million copies sold to date.

Life was good for me as a no-erroneous-zone bodybuilder and die-hard hippie until one day in 1978 following a routine trip to the gym. I was performing the inclined bench press, and on repetition number three, I lost my strength and the bar came crashing down on my chest. Bam! Two guys had to pull the bar off my chest to keep it from crushing me. At the point I was freed of the bar, I noticed how weak and shaky I had become. The room was spinning, and I felt dizzy and disoriented. It was frightening because I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I had never in my life felt this way. In a panic, I managed to find my gym bag and headed straight for the door.

I honestly don’t recall driving home that day, but I made it there and inserted the key in the door with my weak, shaky right hand. I opened the door, entered, and slammed it shut quickly. Feeling safe at home, I advanced three steps forward into my living room—when suddenly my knees buckled. I collapsed on the floor, landing flat on my back. In total fear, I lay helpless, looking up at the ceiling, which appeared to be spinning out of control.

Petrified—the tears streamed down both sides of my face and pooled onto the hardwood floor beneath my head. My body was drained of all energy. It was as if I was nailed to the floor. Suddenly, the thought entered my mind that perhaps I was having a nervous breakdown. I was devastated. I was clearly at a crossroads moment of my life. This set the stage for my next Life Reset.

I was raised in a Christian household where we learned at a very young age to pray when the burden of life was too much to bear. Could there be a more perfect moment? There I was—completely helpless and paralyzed from fear. I mustered up enough strength to position my palms together and prayed. This was not one of those “bless me and my life” perfunctory prayers; this prayer came from my heart. “God, help me!” I cried out in desperation. I had no idea that the answer to my prayer would profoundly change my life and, quite possibly, the lives of millions.

“God, help me, please. Allow my energy, health, and strength to return,” I pleaded. “If you reveal the secret to regaining my health and well-being, I promise to share this information with the world. I will make it my life’s mission, and I will give you all the glory.”

Suddenly, the room stopped spinning, and I was able to sit up. At that moment, I looked up toward the sky and felt an assuredness that my prayer was heard. From that moment on, I was a changed person—a man on a mission! God followed through and I absorbed His health, happiness, and nutrition wisdom like a parched sponge. Two years later, in 1980, with my new understanding of health and nutrition, I opened my first fitness club, Jay’s Gym, and began professionally teaching others how to transform their body, health, and life. This business venture marked my next LIFE RESET.

The same year I opened Jay’s Gym, I read a book entitled, The Three Pillars of Zen. That book sparked a SPIRITUAL RESET that turned my life upside down and inside out. It set a fire inside of me that had me questioning my entire life. Here I was, 26 years old, operating my own fitness club, and should have been having the time of my life. But something was wrong. Teaching bodybuilding, health, and fitness may have been a dream come true but inside I felt hollow, as if something was missing. I was wallowing in success, but my life still felt empty.

The Three Pillars of Zen inspired me to meditate daily with a burning desire to know my True Self (realize enlightenment). I was 26, married, successful in business, but not truly happy, and I wanted to know why. I practiced being still each day and worked up to where I could sit quietly for 40 minutes, but my usual “silent sessions” were about 20 minutes a day. At this point, a still mind was never achieved, but I was gaining control over my thoughts and was feeling very calm in the process.

By the spring of 1981, I actually looked forward to my quiet time, a time where it seemed like I could disappear, along with all the problems of life. One day I was meditating on the back patio of our home. While I was meditating, I repeatedly asked myself the question, “Who am I?” That question is called a koan, which is a Zen-style question that has no logical answer but is repeated over and over to confuse the mind into giving up. After about 15 minutes of asking the question “Who am I,” my mind felt calm, so I stopped repeating the question and just sat in luxurious silence.

A storm was brewing, and rain began to fall lightly to the ground. The air was electrified with negative ions as the droplets of water struck the ground and worked their magic. I was getting lost in the sounds when suddenly a bolt of lightning flashed. As the lightning streaked the sky, my mind went blank and my entire being disappeared, as if I had fallen into a black hole and vanished. When the ensuing thunder clapped, there was nothing but emptiness. “I” was nowhere, yet everywhere. No form, no separation, no problem. I suddenly started laughing. I laughed until my stomach muscles were sore, and tears trickled down my face. I was free.

I was married to my first wife at the time. She was in the kitchen fixing dinner at the moment I awakened, heard me laughing, and wondered what was going on. After I finished laughing, I walked into the kitchen and was greeted by my wife who asked me, “Why were you laughing?” I looked into her eyes as she asked me that question. After my awakening, it felt like it was the first time I had ever looked into her eyes. I could see right to her soul. Her eyes suddenly looked away from mine, as if she could feel me peering into her heart. At that moment I realized I did not really know my wife. I realized I had married an illusion. And she did not know me, either, because she had also married an illusion. Now that I was awake, everything was obvious. When my wife moved her eyes away from mine, I knew instantly that I did not marry the woman of my dreams and she did not marry the man of her dreams.

“Are you okay?” my wife asked me. “Yes,” I replied with the innocence of a small child. As I stood there in the kitchen, I felt euphoric, as if I was having an out of body experience, only in this case, I realized I actually had no definitive body. The Jay Robb that I had created for the previous 27 years of my life, died on the back patio and the real Jay Robb had taken his place. I felt empty and free because I was awake and knew I was nobody, yet I was still somebody. I was both nobody and somebody, at the same time.

After my transforming experience, life was…life. I ate when I was hungry and slept when I was tired. The sun came up in the east and set in the west. It also came up in the west and set in the east. When it rained, drops of water fell to the ground. In the summer, I ate watermelon. Spiders knitted webs and dogs barked. Life was flowing, and there were no objections or expectations.

Now awake, I realized that bodybuilding was a double-edged sword. On one edge, you are physically and mentally transforming. On the other edge, if you are not careful you will build big muscles AND a big ego. Seeing the self-centered nature of bodybuilding, I did a VISION RESET to focus on health, nutrition, and detoxing. With my new vision guiding me, in 1984, I sold my bodybuilding club and moved to Venice Beach, Florida with my wife to study nutrition, teach Nautilus Fitness at the local YMCA, and start a fresh new life. Three months later, I did a MARRIAGE RESET when my wife asked for a divorce and I thanked her. It was time for us both to turn the page. With my divorce in play, I did a DESTINATION RESET by setting sail for San Diego and a whole new life. It was time for a complete LIFE RESET, which literally took me from rags to riches.

After a long but really far-out drive across the southern part of the USA, I arrived in San Diego in the summer of 1985, broke but a free and happy man. That is how divorces sometimes work.

Because I am a man who thrives on simplicity, I soon found myself living in a tent in the backyard of a hippie house near San Diego State University. I was driving a 1970 VW Bus that had been my home prior to landing my space in the tent. In return for squatting on the land, I maintained the yard. I was virtually homeless but not helpless. God had blessed me with a fulltime job working in the produce department at Jimbo’s health food store located (at the time) in the North Park Community of San Diego. When I was a kid, my mind had been programmed (by my parents and their zany friends) to have fun and get silly. Because of this early programming, I was happy and enjoying every moment of my life—in spite of having very little money, no home, and almost no material possessions.

By 1988, because I had been living a simple life, I saved enough money to move from my tent into a duplex in North Park close to Jimbo’s store where I still worked. That same year, I remarried, started a family, founded my current company Jay Robb Enterprises, Inc., created my award-winning protein powder, wrote my classic bestselling book, The Fat Burning Diet, and began conducting weight-loss seminars throughout southern California. In spite of all my good intentions and hard work, by 1995 I was making very little money in my company and realized I was programmed to be happy, but I was also programmed to be poor. I call this poverty consciousness. To fix this, I did a MIND RESET by employing subconscious reprogramming audio recordings that I listened to every night when I went to bed. The message in my audio recordings was vast but a large part of the message focused on me being successful, fit, happy, and a money magnet.

Sales and profits doubled the first year I used these Mind Resetting audio recordings! That got my attention. In 1996, I decided to go all in with a radical MIND RESET and began listening to an audio recording that told me specifically that I would become a millionaire in three years. Long story short, in 1999 my CPA called my office and told me I had officially become a millionaire! I don’t tell you this to boast. I merely share this story with you as an example of what is possible when you reset the information that is programmed in your subconscious mind!

My story does not stop here, though! With a strong will and a clear vision I went on to become a multimillionaire, landed a regular TV spot on KUSI Channel 9 News in San Diego, opened my second fitness club, conducted over 500 weight-loss seminars across America, and made Jay Robb Protein the #1 premium brand of protein in America.

In 2008, I did another MARRIAGE RESET when I filed for divorce from my second wife. We had a 20-year run, but we were not right for each other. I ran out the ground ball, doing counseling for years, couple’s seminars, and a lot of talking, Long story short, once our son graduated high school, I knew it was time for me to move on.

In 2011, I married Beth, the woman of my dreams. The third time is the charm and Beth and I are now living happily ever after. But my story does not stop here, either. In 2011, not long after marrying the woman of my dreams, I went into a mental and physical slump that felt like it was going to put me six feet under. Let me explain.

I have lived in San Diego most of my life. Prior to marrying me in 2011, Beth was living in Dallas with her three girls. The two years prior to getting married, we had the proverbial long-distance relationship. A few weeks before we were to get married, out of the blue we started entertaining the idea of moving to south Florida for a total fresh start to a neutral zone that neither one of us was familiar with. In other words, we could make our own history in a new land. This move could also benefit us financially because California state income tax is 13.3% for the highest income bracket. On the other hand, Florida has no state income tax. None, nada, zippo! To put this into perspective, for every million I made while living in southern California, it cost me $133,000.00 in state income tax. That is not pocket change my friend. By moving to Florida, we would save some serious coin that could be invested or stuffed into our piggy bank.

I am somewhat of a nomad and like moving frequently. But most of my moving experience was in the San Diego area, not 3,000 miles away to the Palm Beach area of Florida. Long story short, in June of 2011, Beth and I were married on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Soon after we said our vows, we found a home in the Palm Beach area, and officially relocated. My 20-year-old son Angelo stayed in San Diego. So there I was, with my new wife, in a new land, with three new girls to raise, and Angelo wasn’t with us. The Jay Robb Corporation, operating in a 21,000 square foot solar-powered office and warehouse, remained in North County San Diego, as did our 35 employees.

At first life was wonderful. I love new adventures, moving to new homes, and having fun exploring new areas. But within a month of living in this new land, all the fun started to go south when I began to experience health issues. I missed my son Angelo terribly and my homeland of San Diego, where everybody knew my name, the surf was up, there were no mosquitos, and it was always sunny and 72 degrees. This caused me to feel depressed, which was something I had not experienced since 1978 when I literally collapsed because I was overeating, over training, under resting, and galivanting about town like I was Charlie Sheen on steroids.

For the next 12 months, I went through a living hell. I got weaker by the day. I was totally unable to exercise. I lost my zest for life. I became depressed. I became short of breath and could barely walk up a flight of stairs. There were days I did not want to get out of bed. And sleeping each night became a nightmare.

I would go to bed feeling anxious, fall asleep for about three hours then wake up in terror with my heart racing at over 100 beats per minute—and I couldn’t get it to slow down. I was dizzy, and I had trouble remembering anything. I also had developed an addiction to sweets, along with numerous health issues, plus I had difficulty meditating, because it felt like my mind would not slow down.

One day, near the beginning of those 12 months of hell, I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital with high blood pressure of 185/105. The doctors thought I had suffered a stroke or was having a heart attack. I was terrified and prayed the entire first night I was in the hospital. If my wife Beth had not been by my side that night, I am not sure I would have made it. But she was there for me every moment.

To cope with the situation, I prayed incessantly. As I prayed, God answered me immediately and told me I was alright, I did not have a stroke, and that my heart was healthy. His words soothed my soul, and I was able to relax and fall asleep.

After two long days of poking, prodding, scanning, and draining my body of about a quart of blood for testing, I was released and the team of doctors and heart specialists told me I was in great shape and, with the exception of my blood pressure being slightly elevated, they could not find anything wrong with me. In other words, the doctors confirmed what God had already told me.

I went home and started experimenting with my diet and lifestyle to discover how to eat, live, and think in a way that would return my health and wellbeing. In other words, I did a complete LIFE RESET. I also forced myself to sit still and meditate because I knew the value of quieting the mind. The doctors may not have found anything wrong with me, but I was still so fatigued I could hardly make it through a day. I was itchy all over, I had severe brain fog, I felt off balance, I was unable to exercise without feeling exhausted, I was depressed, I had frequent panic attacks, and I had lost my zest for life. I was a mess any way you looked at it. I prayed daily and begged God to show me what to do to recover. God showed me everything, but it wasn’t instantly like I wanted it to be.

My blood sugar levels were stable during this period of time, which puzzled me a bit because I was experiencing extreme mood swings. If I didn’t eat, I was a basket case and crying was not an unusual experience if a meal was delayed. There were days I felt no hope and would cry. There were times I would break down in front of my wife and exclaim, “I don’t know what to do!” I felt physically exhausted, but I couldn’t rest because my mind would not slow down.

Over the course of that year, I tried every way of eating imaginable to see which diet would return my health and wellbeing. I knew that God wanted me to actually experience the healing process, so I would know firsthand the right diet and to also experience the ill effects that the wrong diet could produce. This would give me empirical knowledge I could freely share with the world. God’s plan worked, but it nearly killed me in the process.

To make a long story very short, from 2011 to the time of this writing, I RESET MY ENTIRE LIFE, doing a complete overhaul, resetting my health, wealth, weight, mind, goals, motivation, and more. And this total reset worked! Because of the success I have achieved with all my RESETS, I was inspired to share my secrets with others who are struggling. To share my Life-Reset secrets, I created this powerful 21-Day Life Reset Program, the program you are reading right now. I promise my 21-Day Program that will change your life forever.

The takeaway here is that you do not RESET YOUR LIFE once and live happily ever after. Instead, you are consistently Resetting Your Life so that you are living the life of your dreams. Things change and you must respond to those changes by resetting your vision, marriage, job, goals, relationships, destination, or whatever is not flowing in the direction of your dreams. To

chronically live the life of your dreams, you must chronically Reset Your Life, which keeps you out of a rut and in the groove. But enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

Be honest with yourself. Are you struggling in your life? Are you happy, I mean really happy? Are you at your ideal weight and in your best shape? Are you healthy? Are you financially secure? Do you love your job? Are you with the man or woman of your dreams? Do you have true friends who are always there for you? Do you have peace of mind? Are you living the life of your dreams? I ask you these questions because I care about you. These are the same questions I asked myself back in 1975 when my Life-Reset journey began.

The intent with my Life Reset program is to teach you how to “hang loose.” When you hang loose, you can kiss anxiety, stress, unhappiness, and weight issues goodbye. And my program teaches you to do all that in 21 days. My Life Reset program is amazing. My Life Reset program can and will change your life. My Life Reset program required 40 years of experience and a full decade of research to create, produce, and perfect. To hang loose and start living the life of your dreams, the first thing you must do is make the decision to change your life RIGHT NOW. Are you all in? That smile on your face tells me you are ready to rock ‘n roll! Your ordinary, or perhaps mundane, life is about to become really “far out.” In honor of days gone by, I say this to you my friend. “Read on, right on, and keep on truckin’! It’s time to Rock the Casbah.”


My program is scheduled to launch on June 102020. Get your name on my email list and I will let you know the minute it is available so it can change your life like it has mine!


Peace, love, and “Hang Loose,”





About the Bad Boy

Since 1980, through my books, seminars, fitness clubs, and website I have changed millions of lives. I am called “The Bad Boy of Nutrition” because I am a die-hard hippie, spiritual teacher, and health rebel who hangs loose, is not politically correct, has no trouble speaking up, thinks outside the box, and march to the beat of my own drum. My current focus is on teaching my LIFE RESET program to millions who are stuck in a rut. The first step to your new life is to do a MIND RESET because what you think is what you get in life, which explains why some folks succeed while others fail and why some folk are happy and others are not.

“Nourishment is not just what you put in your stomach through your mouth,
it is also what you put in your mind through your eyes and ears.”

—Jay Robb, “The Bad Boy of Nutrition”