Mission Statement

Jay Robb's Mission Statement

To help every willing man, woman, and child get in the best shape of his or her life.

7 Ways We Accomplish Our Mission:

  1. Offering The Jay Robb Plan absolutely FREE on our website.
  2. Creating powerful programs, such as The FRUIT FLUSH 3-Day Detox, that can help a person lose up to 9 pounds in three days
  3. Offering the best-tasting highest-quality whey protein powder isolate, egg white protein powder, and protein bars on the planet.
  4. Writing a powerful rapid weight-loss book, The Jay Robb Plan.
  5. Writing an effective workout program, The Jay Robb Workout.
  6. Performing webinars, seminars, TV, magazine, and radio interviews to help educate and empower others.
  7. Hosting a weekly radio show to answer listener’s questions on health, fitness, and weight loss.