Be Still, Be Slim (eBook)

Be Still, Be Slim (eBook)
Be Still, Be Slim: The Peaceful Way to Lose Weight
and Keep it Off

by Jay Robb

  • Lose weight without effort!
  • Be happy with your body!
  • Easily break your addiction to junk food
  • Beat depression!
  • End all your addictions!
  • Be in control of your life!
  • Get in the best shape of your life

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48 page eBook for immediate download

Be Still, Be Slim will take you to the root cause of weight gain, which is unconscious living. Yes my friend, you are about to discover that “the secret to being slim is within. By following the simple techniques revealed in this book, excess weight will be dropped like a bad habit thus allowing you to be slim, fit, and healthy for a lifetime.

Are You a Carbohydrate Addict?

Excessive weight gain (the accumulation of excess body fat) is the direct result of being addicted to food. If you are not at the weight that you wish to be, then there is a strong chance that you are a carbohydrate addict and are eating unconsciously.

You may also be addicted to stress, which is another factor that can cause unnatural weight gain. An addiction can be created when you desire to repeat a past experience that was pleasurable. In the case of food addiction, you are not actually addicted to the food but to the pleasurable experience that you get from eating certain foods. And this happens because you are eating and living unconsciously.

In 25+ years of professionally counseling individuals on diet and exercise, I have never had one client confess that they are addicted to tuna or salmon. Nor has anyone admitted to the out-of-control eating of steaks or chicken breasts. And to date, not a single person has confessed to binging on sticks of butter or cups of olive oil. Instead, what nearly every client has confessed to me is the fact that they cannot control their habit of eating carbohydrates, especially the consumption of sweets, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, and candy.

Why? As stated earlier, addictions are merely the mind desiring to repeat a past experience that was pleasurable. Eating a steak may taste delicious but it is not capable of delivering a powerful enough pleasure response to become addictive. Nor does any low-carbohydrate complete protein such as chicken, fish, turkey, unsweetened protein powders, or eggs. Even if you did try to overeat low-carbohydrate protein-rich foods you could never become addicted to them because you have a built in mechanism that makes you nauseous if you consume too much protein. This is why at the end of a meal at a restaurant they don’t wheel out the “protein cart”.

Instead they wheel out the dessert cart because only carbohydrate is addictive. But not all carbohydrate foods are addictive. Let me explain. I have divided carbohydrate foods into three categories. The first category is for addictive carbs (short for carbohydrates), the second category is for semi-addictive carbs, and the third category is for non-addictive carbs...

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